AIMS Alpha Inventory Management System

AIMS is an efficient stock management system that ensures timely order fulfillment and helps you increase sales.

AIMS Features

Stock management
𝝰-Inventory Management System offers the best solution to stock itemization and handling.

Organizations and businesses perform routine stocktaking to determine lists of stocks sold, real time stock levels, orders, deliveries and items to be restocked.

The era of tedious manual stock taking using spreadsheets and hard copy inventory has become extinct. AIMS automates this process, eradicates errors and human subjectivity, saves time and preserves manpower that may be utilized elsewhere for more efficiency.

We offer the best inventory software to effectively manage your company’s stock, accurately track employee and departmental stock handling regardless of the size of your enterprise. Employees and customers with specific system privileges will be able to see supplies in stock and their location.

𝝰-Inventory management system provides organisations with low stock alert and reorder options to prevent shortages and overstocking of supplies (we will put a notification bar in the app for this, both overstock Icon and low stock icon).

AIMS has the capability to earmark specific merchandise price and tag items in the event of sales, discount, special offers. Necessary information on these items are automatically identified and applied accordingly.

Solutions offered

Supplier matching.
AIMS offers price matching by comparing prices offered by different suppliers to provide competitive prices. Retailers may also be matched with suppliers of desired products and services.

Warehouse Management.
In addition to low stock alert and reorder services, 𝝰-Inventory can send purchase orders directly to suppliers. Ready-to-Ship alert option is available with timely reminders for orders ready for dispatch to clients. AIMS synchronizes main warehouse stock availability with stock levels at company’s branches and alerts when stock needs to be replenished.

Order management.
Efficient management system that enables you create purchase orders, drop shipments, and keep track of backorders.

Multi-warehouse inventory management Synchronized stock inventory across warehouses. Low stock alert notifications. Manage transfer between warehouses.

Cloud based storage system. Information is synchronized in the cloud and is readily available from any device.

Barcode scanning. Barcode system enables product tracking.

Mobile integration.. Inventory system is available on Android, IOS and Web.