ASERPS Alpha School Enterprise Resource Planning System

SERPS provides school systems with tools that ensure efficient time and resource management. Educators have the objective to mold students into the best version of themselves. Currently, technology has changed how things are done through automation, resource planning and output maximization. SERP streamlines the process by providing support mechanisms and reliable robust information in a timely manner that enables appropriate decision making.

SERP equips schools, parents, students with relevant, contextual information that is compatible on any device. Parents are presented with the opportunity to be hands on and closely monitor the progress of their wards. Students are unique and have different learning requirements, with the data available through SERP, educators and parents are able to identify difficult areas for each student in order to strategize bailout plans, making sure no student falls through the cracks.

SERP is available in two forms

SERP solution to address each school’s challenges uniquely. The customized version has all the provisions in the SERP platform however it is closed off and excludes interaction with other schools .

An integrated SERP platform with features unique to each school and at the same time present many schools the opportunity to interact and compare curriculum based on previously agreed terms

SERPS Features

Behavioral Manager
Manages academic and extracurricular records of both staff and students. Updates parents on their ward’s behavioral statistics. This tool gives detailed overview of student’s current performance, expected performance level and compares this with the performance of their peers.

Financial Manager
Manages and tracks institutions financial responsibilities:
↡ Financial reporting and analytics
↡ Revenue management
↡ Fund accounting
↡ Endowment accounting
↡ Budgetary control and commitment
↡ Asset management and inventory
↡ Projects
↡ Expenses
↡ Procurement

Electronic Library
Students and teachers have access to the electronic library equipped with visual (texts and Videos) and audio materials. Students and teachers are able to download, borrow and read electronic study materials. Electronic libraries can be integrated to be shared among same school system or synchronized with different school libraries. The system provides the option to purchase books online and access to online libraries.

Electronic Test Manager (ETM)
Computer based examinations, score tracking, recording and backup. Grade Manager is programmed using the individually determined scheme. This ETM is compatible with all platforms and integrated with new graphic technology.

Clinic manager
Tracks health status and medical records of students and teachers at the school clinic and medication dispensary. Information on special health needs, allergies, disabilities and specific precautions are noted and made available to the appropriate management team.

Solutions SERP offers


A mobile application for parents/guardian to monitor wards and stay connected to the school and ward’s teacher. It also has electronic payment platform integrated for easy and secure tuition transactions.

Parents are able to view their ward’s school performance, curriculum, teachers remarks and general notifications.

Parents teachers association updates, itinerary, minutes of previous meetings.


An online student portal that allows students view lectures, access assignments, take electronic based tests, view and download results, access electronic library, vote for teachers’ and students’ positions and awards, general notifications, synchronize data to personal cloud.


Alumni network and Access to credentials and school documents.


A customizable platform for teachers to manage classes, compare curriculum, assessment and grading manager, payment notifications, stay connected to students, the school and parents.

School Management

A customizable school management software that has Admission manager, human resource enterprise manager, clinic health record manager for the clinic and health records, notifications system and all.